Breakfast Recipes for Mother's Day

Make Mother's Day special by serving Mom breakfast in bed with help from this menu planner.

Breakfast Recipes for Mother's Day

Breakfast Recipes for Mother's Day

One way to make Mom feel like a million on Mother's Day is by having Dad rouse the kids and whisk them to the kitchen to prepare breakfast in bed for her!

Golden Oat Pancakes and Green Onion Scrambled Eggs deliciously prove that great-tasting foods don't require complicated recipes.

We even offer a timetable that makes menu planning extra easy!

One Week Before:

  • Come up with the menu and make a grocery list.

  • Have the kids make a card or draw a picture for Mom. (If desired, pick up an inexpensive photo frame for the drawing.)

  • Look at home for a breakfast tray or pick one up from the store. You don't have to use a tray with legs—any tray (even a plastic one for outdoor entertaining) will do.

Two Days Before:

  • Stop at the grocery store for any needed items.

  • Put marbles in a drinking glass to make this flower vase. Surround with a ponytail holder and crayons if desired. Hide the glass from Mom!

The Day Before:

  • Make Lemon-Blueberry Tea Bread and cool completely. Store in a resealable plastic bag on the counter overnight.

  • Combine the flour, baking powder, brown sugar and salt for Golden Oat Pancakes. Place in an airtight container; store at room temperature.

Mother's Day Morning:

  • Get up early with the kids and let Mom sleep in!

  • Have older kids add water and fresh-cut flowers from your yard to the marble-filled drinking glass vase; set on the breakfast tray along with the kid-crafted greeting card or framed drawing.

  • Slice Lemon-Blueberry Tea Bread.

  • Make fruit smoothies or pour Mom a cup of coffee, orange juice or her favorite morning beverage.

  • While the Golden Oat Pancakes are cooking on the griddle, prepare Green Onion Scrambled Eggs in a skillet.

  • Top the pancakes with fresh fruit or syrup.

  • Serve Mom breakfast in bed!