Fried Green Tomatoes
A quick and easy homemade salsa makes a mouthwatering addition to these Fried Green Tomatoes. The golden coating is so crispy, no one suspects the slices are light.
—Ingrid Parker, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Easy Crab Cakes
Canned crabmeat makes these Easy Crab Cakes simple enough for busy weeknight dinners. For a change of pace, try forming the crab mixture into four thick patties instead of eight cakes.
—Charlene Spelock, Apollo, Pennsylvania

Better Than Fried Shrimp
Here's a fabulous alternative to battered and deep-fried shrimp. Coating the shrimp with panko breadcrumbs, spraying with cooking spray and then baking give this Better Than Fried Shrimp appetizer a wonderful crunch without all the saturated fat and calories of deep-frying.
—Cher Schwartz, Ellisville, Missouri

Side Dishes

Makeover Ultimate Corn Bread
With an impressive 71% less cholesterol and 80% less fat, Makeover Ultimate Corn Bread is a heart-smart success. The sugar was cut in half and 190 calories were eliminated from the original recipe. The makeover bread tastes very good. Thank you so much for making it lighter!
—Nita Cameron, Tacoma, Washington

Cajun Spiced Broccoli
I usually make this minus the Creole seasoning, but a few weeks ago, I decided to try adding a different spice just to see what would happen. I loved it! Cajun Spiced Broccoli is garlicy, spicy and crunchy!
—Krista Frank, Krista Frank, Rhododendron, Oregon


Makeover Shrimp and Grits
Shrimp and grits is an iconic comfort dish in most parts of the South. These Makeover Shrimp and Grits have a creamy richness that is so critical to the essence of good shrimp and grits.
—Lizabeth Elvington, Dillon, South Carolina

Makeover Cajun Chicken Pasta
This slimmed-down Makeover Cajun Chicken Pasta dish has less sodium, calories and saturated fat than the original, but all the same rich creamy flavor!
—Heather Privratsky, Greenfield, Wisconsin

Weeknight Jambalaya
This Weeknight Jambalaya is a great way to use up leftovers. You can mix and match any or all the meats. Feel free to leave out what you don't like and adjust the chilies and cayenne to taste.
—Debra Marshall, Park Falls, Wisconsin


Bananas Foster Sundaes
I have wonderful memories of eating Bananas Foster in New Orleans, and as a dietitian, wanted to find a healthier version. I combined the best of two recipes and added my own tweaks to create this Southern Bananas Foster Sundaes treat.
—Lisa Varner, Charleston, South Carolina

Molasses Cookies with a Kick
This is a combination of spices that I have used for a long time. Molasses Cookies with a Kick are one of my mother's favorite cookie recipes. I get requests from her to make it year-round!
—Tamara Rau, Medina, North Dakota

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