Ladies' Luncheon in the Garden

Celebrate the fabulous flavors of summer by hosting a glorious garden party for a few friends.

Garden Luncheon

Garden Luncheon

At the height of summer, it's fun to incorporate fresh herbs and edible flowers into every aspect of your cooking. Celebrate the fabulous flavors of this all-too-short season by hosting a glorious garden party for a few friends.

Start by setting up a table in the backyard to catch a cool breeze through the trees. As guests arrive, welcome them around back for a refreshing beverage like Peachy Lemonade. Soak up every second of summer as you nibble on Herbed Shrimp Appetizer and a selection of fresh breads topped with Garlic Basil Butter.

Decorate your outdoor space with these lovely ideas:

Beaded Beverage Covers

Along with summer's beautiful weather come pesky bugs and bees! Discourage these uninvited guests from sampling your Peachy Lemonade by making these beaded beverage covers.

Purchase small square cloth doilies. To create weights, string beads onto a threaded needle and sew them onto each corner of the doily. Have these beaded doilies on the table so that guests can keep their beverages covered.

Chair-Back Herb Bouquet

Not only can fresh herbs flavor a variety of foods, they can provide a fabulous fragrance as well! At your garden party, consider attaching easy herb bouquets to the backs of the guests' chairs.

First, tie onto the back of each chair a napkin that coordinates with your tablecloth. For the herb bouquets, gather an assortment of fresh herbs, such as mint, sage and thyme. Tie with a ribbon and tuck into the knot of the napkin. These aromatic bouquets can also serve as party favors.

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