Patriotic Picnic Ideas

Color your picnic patriotic with these fun July 4th party presentations.

Popcorn Cones

For a festive treat, roll star-spangled or red-white-and-blue wrapping paper squares into cones and tape. Fill with popcorn.

Potato Salad Mold

Jazz up your party with this fancy salad. Line a ring mold with plastic wrap and fill with your family's favorite potato salad.

Cover and refrigerate 2-3 hours. Invert salad onto a serving plate. Remove mold and plastic wrap and smooth surface if needed. Garnish with tomatoes, lettuce and olives.

Sorbet Watermelon

Cute as can be, these mini watermelon desserts are irresistible! Cut lime bottoms to level. Then, scoop raspberry sorbet or sherbet into the hollowed-out limes. Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips to look like seeds.

Festive Table Trim

For a patriotic look, cover your table with a white cloth. Cut red and blue ribbons equal to the length of cloth. Place small pieces of double-stick tape on underside of ribbons and secure to cloth.

Cut more ribbons equal to the width of cloth. Weave through lengthwise ribbons, and tape as before.

Ice Bowl

Keep things cool with this stylish bowl. Fill a 2-1/2-qt. freezer-safe glass nesting bowl with water. Place a 1-qt. nesting bowl on top with about 1 in. of space between them.

Fill the smaller bowl with ice cubes to chill it down. Place masking tape across both bowls to hold in place, making sure water is even (1 in.) between sides and bottoms of bowls.

Freeze overnight. Remove tape and ice cubes. Fill small bowl with lukewarm water; remove once it loosens. Dip larger bowl in water and twist to loosen. Remove ice bowl. To serve, fill ice bowl with berries and place on a platter to catch drips.