4th of July Ice Cream Social

It seems like the heat of summer has a habit of hitting on Independence Day.

Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Social

As you celebrate our country’s birthday with family and friends, cool things off with a tried-and-true ice cream social. Family and friends will be impressed when you serve up some of the homemade treats below!

(No time for homemade? Pair up store-bought ice cream with our Patriotic Sundae Bar.)

Delicious Ice Cream Dessert
We appreciate a cool creamy dessert like this in summer. It stays fresh in the freezer for one week. Top with the fudgy sauce before serving.
—Mrs. Earl Brewer, Jackson, Mississippi

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Our sons enjoy helping me make this rich and creamy ice cream. It’s better than any store-bought variety.
—Marcia Peters, Baldwin City, Kansas

Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Sodas
I keep the ingredients for these ice cream sodas on hand so I can enjoy a treat any time I want. You can easily make more when feeding a crowd.
—Anna Erickson, Terrebonne, Oregon

Strawberry Ice Cream
Nothing says "Welcome Home" to out-of-town relatives as well as homemade ice cream. I make this for every family reunion.
—Barbara Sue Jones, Cedar City, Utah

Tropical Sorbet
Every summer when I was young, Mother would serve her special sorbet. The recipe has been in the family for generations.
—Charlene Jackson, Jackson, Mississippi

Lemon Ice Cream
Just five ingredients (and no ice cream maker!) are all you need to make this refreshing ice cream. We enjoy generous scoops of it in summer.
—Janet Eisner, Portland, Oregon

Peachy Berry Shakes
I love making smoothies on summer afternoons. This fruity shake is refreshingly cool on sweltering days.
—Adrienne Hollister, Sultan, Washington