Healthy Holiday Tips

Keep these ideas in mind to stay healthy this season.

Here are a few things you can do to stay healthy this season. Keep these ideas in mind as you prepare for this busy time of year, and you'll thank yourself come spring:

  • Drink plenty of water and make low-calorie beverages a mainstay. Don't allow a hectic schedule to stop you from getting at least eight glasses of water a day. At social gatherings, choose a glass of sparkling water or a low-calorie drink to toast the season.
  • When making a reduced-fat meat loaf or casserole, why not fix two and freeze one? Keeping the freezer stocked with prepared meals saves time, helping you eat light when you're racing against the clock.
  • Don't forget about working out! If you can't find the time for your normal fitness routine, go to the mall and join the mall walkers before your day of Christmas shopping begins. Park your car in the back of the mall's lot and use the stairs instead of the mall's elevators or escalators. Not only will the extra exercise feel great, but it can help you keep the pounds off this holiday season.