Old-Fashioned Hanukkah Menu

Taste of Home readers from around the country share their favorite Hanukkah recipes.

Old-Fashioned Hanukkah Menu

Old-Fashioned Hanukkah Menu

Old-Fashioned Beef Brisket
Tender slices of beef smothered in onions in a sweet tomato sauce give this Old-Fashioned Beef Brisket a classic feel. It is simple to prepare and delicious comfort food. —Gerry Thorpe, East Falmouth, Massachusetts

I found this recipe for Tzimmes a long time ago. It has become our traditional side dish for every Chanukah and Passover feast and is a favorite of young and old alike…a great complement to chicken or turkey. —Cheri Bragg, Viola, Deleware

Vegetable Slaw

This pretty combination of fresh veggies is low fat and to enhance the flavors in th Vegetable Slaw, it can be made at least an hour before serving. For extra color, half-cup portions of squash and red and green pepper can be added. —Vicki Steh, Wausau, Wisconsin

Raspberry Chocolate Rugalach

Since we celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas, these Raspberry Chocolate Rugalach were always on the menu. The cookies can be covered and refrigerated overnight or frozen for up to two months. —GP Busarow, Whitehall, Montana