Silver Knight Halloween Costume

You'll need to visit a hardware store, a sports store and a party shop for the components of this costume unless, of course, you have items around the house that will do.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 gray hooded sweatshirt
  • 1 roll of silver insulation
  • 2 foam kneepads with elastic holders
  • 6 yards elastic cord
  • 1 pair gray sweatpants
  • 1 roll clear tape, 2 inches wide
  • 4 black shoelaces, 27 inches each
  • 1 paper paint bucket, 5-quart size
  • 1 plastic or cardboard shield
  • 1 plastic sword

Step 1

To make the armor, start with the leg pieces. You need to cut out of the insulation:

2 cuisse pieces to cover the thighs

2 greave pieces to cover the shins

The kneepads will cover the knees. Measure your child's legs and cut pieces in the shapes shown above.

Step 2

Punch holes in the insulation pieces. Punch two holes in top of each kneepad and two holes at the bottom. Thread a 30-inch elastic cord through top of each cuisse piece and each greave piece. Thread a 24-inch elastic cord through one bottom and one top kneehole on the left side and then repeat on the right side. Use these cords to attach kneepads to cuisse and greave pieces as shown on facing page. Fit these pieces on the youngster over the sweatpants. Tighten the knee elastic and tie it off.

Step 3

To make the breastplate, or cuirass, cut a piece of silver insulation 16 x 36 inches according to the photo at right. Fold under side edges 1 inch and tape down with clear tape. Curve bottom ends and tape down with clear tape. Cut center back opening and neck opening. Punch four holes on each side of back opening. Thread laces as shown in photo and tie. Glue shield to center of front.

Step 4

To make helmet, trace sides and top of bucket on paper to make a pattern. Add 1 inch on each edge, cut out pattern, and use to cut out silver insulation.

Cut face opening in bucket, according to photo at right. Carefully glue silver insulation all around bucket. Cut face opening in insulation, leaving 1 inch extra to fold back and glue. Turn under top and bottom edges of silver insulation and glue down. Glue round insulation piece to top.

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