Recipes for a Haunting Halloween

Halloween meal

Halloween meal

Who says Halloween is just for kids? The young at heart will have a ghoulishly good time when presented with this spooky yet scrumptious spread of grown-up goodies.

As guests arrive at your haunt, offer steaming mugs of Hot Apple Cider to chase away autumn chills.

Loaded with beef and vegetables, Pumpkin Stew will thrill every hungry ghoul and goblin attending your bewitching bash.

Put a spin on the traditional and pass a basket of breadsticks shaped like Witches' Broomsticks. Then toss some salad greens with Favorite French Dressing.

Getting into the Halloween spirit will be a snap when you serve Spiderweb Pumpkin Cheesecake. (All recipes are shown here.)

Snack Mix Serving Suggestion

Instead of simply setting out bowls of Sweet 'n' Spicy Halloween Munch, place individual servings in edible containers like waffle cones and set them in a bowl filled with candy corn. This way guests will be able to munch as they mingle.

Or, instead of waffle cones, make paper cones. Take heavy-duty paper (such as origami paper) and roll it to make a cone shape. Secure with tape and fill with snack mix.

Spinning a Spiderweb Garnish

This spiced cheesecake makes an appearance on my Halloween table every year. Folks get a kick out of the candy web and chocolate spiders. When preparing the Spiderweb Pumpkin Cheesecake (or another favorite Halloween dessert), add these fun and tasty garnishes.

  1. Carefully drizzle syrup over outlines in the pattern of a web. Cool completely.
  2. Pipe 1-inch spiders onto parchment paper or foil; cool. Attach spiders to webs with remaining melted chocolate.