Frightfully Fun Halloween Recipes

Spooky holiday food for your party!

Halloween Buffet Photo

Halloween Buffet Photo

Good food at a Halloween party not only keeps the "monsters" at bay, it adds to the theme of this spooky holiday. Here are some terrifyingly terrific recipes that will have your family and party guests "goblin" them up. Yet they're so simple to make you don't have to be scared to try them. For more Halloween recipes, visit the Taste of Home Recipe Finder.

Before we get to the recipes, no kid's Halloween party is complete without treat bags for each guest to take home. So here are some treat ideas for goodie bags that you make or buy at a party supply or discount department store. Instead of filling them with candy, consider these alternatives.

  • Balloons
  • Crayons and markers
  • Fast-food coupons
  • Individual bags of pretzels, crackers or popcorn
  • Juice boxes
  • Key chains
  • Pencils or pens and erasers
  • Pennies
  • Plastic spiders, worms or bugs
  • Small coloring books
  • Small toys, such as bubbles, yo-yos and balloons
  • Stickers or tattoos

Fun Foods

Treat Cake"When we were kids, my younger sisters and I always went trick-or-treating together," recalls grand-prize winner Amy McCoy from Huntington Beach, California. "Once we had our loot, we'd come home, throw it on the floor and start sorting.

"One year, when I flew home to Illinois, my sisters (now 15 and 20) and I sat down and listed our favorite things about Halloween. That's when the idea for Trick-or-Treat Cake came up. We thought it'd be cool to have lots of yummy candy splashing out of a treat bag cake, similar to old times.

"When I returned to California, I made the cake and sent a picture of it to my sisters. They absolutely loved it!"

 Tombstone Treats"My brother loves Rice Krispy bars, and my mom loves sugar cookies," says Jill Wright of Dixon, Illinois. Her clever "tombstone" place cards turned into Tombstone Treats. "I came up with a treat I knew they'd both like.

"I shared the results with my family and they couldn't get enough of these tasty name cards. They kept remarking on how cute and different they were.

"I'll definitely be making them for Halloween this year!"

Mummy Cheese Spread"My annual Halloween bash wouldn't be the same without the now- famous Yummy Mummy," relates Rebecca Eremich from Barberton, Ohio.

"When kids first see Yummy Mummy, they just stare, totally amazed. 'Can we actually eat that?' they ask. I assure them they can, and we hack off a foot or an arm with some crackers.

"Adults always want to know how I made the Yummy Mummy and what's in him. I brought one in for my coworkers and it was such a hit that I agreed to do a Yummy Mummy demonstration for them!"

Worms for Brains Photo"Worms for Brains is a very quick and easy Halloween dish my family has come to expect every year," Julianna Tazzia of West Bloomfield, Michigan says about her tasty jack-o'-lanterns. "I have time to get the little ones ready to go out trick-or-treating, yet they still get a hot meal for those 'chilling' Halloween evenings."