College Care Packages

Keep your co-ed's thoughts on their studies, not their stomachs, by sending a little comfort from home in college care packages, filled with snacks your student will love and cookies to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Snacks for Students


These crispy, chewy Snackers treats pack lots of peanut flavor. They're our favorite travel snack. I always make a double batch so we have some left when we reach our destination.
—W H Gregory, Roanoke, Virginia

Maple-Glazed Snack Mix

I haven't met a kid yet that doesn't love this Maple-Glazed Snack Mix! My three children especially enjoy it for snacks during the school year.
—Cynthia Norris, Winnetka, California

White Chocolate Popcorn Deluxe

This White Chocolate Popcorn Deluxe recipe is so fast and simple. I take it to potlucks and for the teachers' table at work. I love to try different types of chocolate and other mix-ins, too!
—Kay Scott, Hico, Texas

Party Pretzels

Not only are these Party Pretzels a perfect mid-morning or afternoon snack at work, they're perfect for hungry kids just home from school. Plus, they make for fantastic party food!
—Carrie Shaub, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania Nebraska

Zippy Tortilla Chips

If store-bought tortilla chips are too salty for you, try making these quick-and-easy Zippy Tortilla Chips. You're sure to get a (spicy) kick out of them!
—Kim Sumrall, Aptos, California

Chocolate Wheat Cereal Snacks

This crunchy mix is great for a late night snack or any gathering. The chocolate-peanut butter combination in Chocolate Wheat Cereal Snacks will satisfy any sweet tooth!
—Tracy Golder, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

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Cookies for College

Slice & Bake Orange Spice Wafers

These thin and crispy Slice & Bake Orange Spice Wafers stack well, making them a great gift to send to a loved one. Ginger and orange combine for a sweet and spicy flavor.
—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Oatmeal Surprise Cookies

Chocolate-covered raisins and the warm, autumn flavor of pumpkin-pie spice turn these Oatmeal Surprise Cookies into prize-winning gourmet treats! Kids of all ages will down them by the dozen!
—Rebecca Clark, Warrior, Alabama

Blueberry Almond Snickerdoodles

My nine-year old grandson and his friends went nuts for these great cookies. Almonds and blueberries taste great together and give these Blueberry Almond Snickerdoodles an updated twist.
—Pamela Shank, Parkersburg, West Virginia

Raspberry Sparkle Drop Cookies

I use a sugar blend and sugar-free gelatin to give these guilt-free Raspberry Sparkle Drop Cookies their sweetness. You can alter the gelatin flavor and color to your tastes.
—Betty Binder, Williamstown, Michigan

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

These are great with a glass of cold milk! With their peanutty flavor, these scrumptious Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies hit the spot. Plus, they couldn't be easier to make!
—Marilyn Blankschien, Clintonville, Wisconsin

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

These are the perfect cookies when cooking for a crowd because the Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix can be prepared and stored for months. Also, you can bake a couple batches of cookies at a time and freeze.
—Helen Woronik, Salem, Connecticut

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