Good food is a given for the perfect graduation party, but a bit of planning can turn this milestone into fond memories your graduate won't forget. To make the event even more fun for your grad and guests, choose a theme:

A Bright Future

Decorate with beach-inspired tableware, use beach towels as tablecloths and blow up some beach balls for extra color. Ask guests to dress in beach attire. Favors could include cheap sunglasses, or for an evening party, glow sticks or glow necklaces.

You're a Star

Let the grad shine with a glamorous Hollywood gala. Ask guests to dress as their favorite movie stars. Welcome them with a red carpet and tables sparkling with metallic star confetti and movie- theater popcorn boxes to hold snacks.

A Good Sport

For all-star athletes, select paper plates, napkins, cups, tablecloths and balloons in school colors. Decorate with school pennants and colorful pom-poms.

The Right Note

Tune into a music lover's interest by choosing decorations that reflect the style of music he or she prefers, from classical to country to rock and roll. Playing his or her favorite songs is a must.

No matter what theme you select, you may want to:

  • Display photos of the graduate from babyhood through high school.
  • Place a small graduation scrapbook or guest book on a table with colorful pens or markers. Ask guests to share a favorite memory of the grad or offer their best advice for the future.
  • Get guests involved in an activity. Depending on the theme, organize a free-throw-shooting competition, set up a karaoke machine, host a murder mystery, play charades or send teams on a scavenger hunt.