Congratulations Seniors Cake
I decorated a special Congratulations Seniors Cake for my son's high school graduation. Each of the characters had hair color and specifics for his group of friends.
—Sherri Frohlich, Benton, Arkansas

Chocolate Cherry Cake Roll
Serve up a little luxury with an elegant dessert that's easy to make. Cherries and chocolate are the perfect partners for moist yellow cake in this Chocolate Cherry Cake Roll.
—Jane Shapton, Tustin, California

Lemon-Filled Coconut Cake
Around 1970, one of my co-workers brought this Lemon-Filled Coconut Cake to a luncheon. It was so delicious that I asked for the recipe, and she shared. I have baked it ever since, and it's always a hit!
—Jackie Bergenheier, Wichita Falls, Texas

Mint-Chocolate Ice Cream Cake
Frosty and impressive, this versatile Mint-Chocolate Ice Cream Cake is pretty enough for company, simple enough for a weeknight treat. Kathy Morrow in Hubbard, Ohio suggests you try food coloring to tint the whipped topping or use different flavors of ice cream, extracts and cookie or candy crumbs to suit different holidays or occasions!
—Kathy Morrow, Hubbard, Ohio

Chocolate Swirl Delight
I made a few alterations to a great recipe and ended up with an impressive Chocolate Swirl Delight dessert. Everyone loves its light texture and chocolaty flavor.
—Lynne A. Bargar, Saegertown, Pennsylvania

Banana Split Ice Cream Cake
Every time they visit, my children and grandkids request this fantastic frozen Banana Split Ice Cream Cake. It takes time to assemble, but it's worth the effort when I see all those smiling faces.
—Gladys M. Abee, McKee, Kentucky

Special-Occasion White Cake
My grandma used to be known for her delicious wedding cakes, and this is the Special-Occasion White Cake recipe she used. I learned cake decorating on my own and use her recipe to create birthday, anniversary and shower cakes.
—Sue Gronholz, Beaver Dam