Elegant Eggnog Dessert
Recipe calls for: 2 cups cold eggnog

This impressive Elegant Eggnog Dessert has become so popular that I have to make three every year. Any flavor of Pirouette cookies can be used, and vanilla can be substituted for the rum flavoring.
—Lisa Scanio, Tampa, Florida

Eggnog Trifle
Recipe calls for: 2 cups eggnog

This classic Christmas dessert is too delicious to have just once a year. So our family serves Eggnog Trifle for birthdays…and whatever other occasion we can think of!
—Cynthia Butt, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Eggnog Pumpkin Pie
Recipe calls for: 1 cup eggnog

This family favorite is a combination of three great pies. With its flaky crust, creamy filling and great flavor, Eggnog Pumpkin Pie is a fitting finale to a holiday meal.
—Lyn Dilworth, Rancho Cordova, California

Eggnog Cake
Recipe calls for: 3/4 cup reduced-fat eggnog

We enjoy this Eggnog Cake so much! During the holidays, I actually buy eggnog to freeze so I can make this year-round.
—Katie Wollgast, Florissant, Missouri

Makeover Chocolate Eggnog Pie
Recipe calls for: 2 cups eggnog

I always make this Makeover Chocolate Eggnog Pie for my family over the holidays using leftover eggnog.
—Beth McCreedy, Lapeer, Michigan

Merry Christmas Scones
Recipe calls for: 1 cup eggnog

I keep a supply of scones in my freezer to pull out and glaze for drop-in holiday guests. Merry Christmas Scones taste great alongside coffee or hot chocolate.
—Joan Pecsek, Chesapeake, Virginia

Eggnog Pie
Recipe calls for: 2 cups eggnog

A dear friend always received rave reviews when she served this easy Eggnog Pie. So I knew I needed the recipe! It's great for busy people who still love to make homemade desserts.
—Patty Adler, Wray, Colorado

Eggnog-Filled Cookie Cups
Recipe calls for: 1 1/2 cups eggnog

My family loves the taste of eggnog, so I incorporated it into these Eggnog-Filled Cookie Cups. These cookies never last long.
—Melissa Jelinek, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Eggnog Cheesecake
Recipe calls for: 3/4 cup eggnog

Extra eggnog? This luscious and easy Eggnog Cheesecake makes good use of any leftover 'nog.
—Kristen Grula, Hazleton, Pennsylvania

Eggnog Sweet Potato Pie
Recipe calls for: 3/4 cup eggnog

Pies are therapy to me. I make Eggnog Sweet Potato Pie for special events and holiday celebrations. The eggnog and sweet potato make a soft filling that goes nicely with the crunchy topping.
—Sarah Spaugh, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Eggnog Tube Cake
Recipe calls for: 1 cup eggnog

I especially like this Eggnog Tube Cake recipe because it's so easy; my children love the eggnog flavor. It's very special!
—Mary Ellen Severance, Biggs, California

Eggnog Pie
Recipe calls for: 1/4 cup eggnog

With pumpkin pie spice and eggnog, this creamy, dreamy Eggnog Pie has fantastic flavor.
—Shirley Darger, Colorado City, Arizona

Eggnog French Toast
Recipe calls for: 2 cups eggnog

Eggnog French Toast is a favorite of our family not only at Christmas but any time of the year. We especially like to prepare it when we go camping. It makes a hearty breakfast.
—Robert Northrup, Las Cruces, New Mexico

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