Tulip Centerpiece

April: Tulip Centerpiece

April: Tulip Centerpiece

Fresh springtime flowers are an attractive addition to the Easter table. For a dramatic effect, make this surprisingly simple centerpiece calling for flowers and raffia. Guests will be impressed with your floral arrangement expertise!

You'll need:

  • Large clear glass container and smaller container to fit inside
  • Raffia in color of choice
  • Tulips or other flowers in colors of choice

Fill clear container with colored raffia

Place a smaller container in the center of a larger clear glass container. Wrap colored raffia around the small container, filling the space between the two containers and completely hiding the inner vase.

Add colorful tulips to container

Add some water to the small container only. Insert flowers, allowing stems to rest on the sides of the larger container. Place flowers in the center to complete the arrangement. (We used about 2-1/2 dozen flowers in our arrangement.) Carefully add more water to the small container.