Easter Loaves & Rolls

Easter Bread with Orange Butter >

This is a very old recipe I found in my great-aunt's handwritten cookbook after she passed away. I love the bread with apple butter or orange butter, made by mixing orange marmalade and butter.
—Sandi Pichon, Slidell, Louisiana

Lemon-Thyme Tea Bread >

I received this recipe as part of a gift, along with a lemon thyme plant and a fresh loaf of this pound cake-like bread. Everyone who tries it asks for the recipe.
—Jeannette Mango, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania

Easter Bunny Rolls

Easter Bunny Rolls >

If you're planning an Easter feast, why not hop to it and roll out a bevy of bunnies? These bunny rolls will multiply quicker than you think…and your hearty eaters will "cotton" to them!
—Bonnie Myers, Callaway, Nebraska

Sweet Braided Loaves

Sweet Braided Loaves >

This bread recipe was handed down from my grandmother. I make it for my family every year for Easter morning.
—Diane Turner, Brunswick, Ohio

Easter Bunny Bread

Easter Bunny Bread >

With its toothy grin, lovely golden crust and tummy that's perfect for serving dip, this charming bunny bread is sure to bring a smile to guests young and old.
—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Orange-Glazed Bunny Rolls >

Orange marmalade gives the frosting on these tender yeast rolls a pleasant citrus flavor. Shape the rolls any way you like for any special occasion.
—Gerri Brown, Canfield, Ohio

Cardamom Twist >

These golden twists have a soft, tender texture and the perfect amount of cardamom flavor in every bite. Slices are especially good with a cream cheese spread or fresh honey butter.
—Carla Miller, Pasco, Washington

Hot Cross Bun Recipes

Traditional Hot Cross Buns

Traditional Hot Cross Buns >

On Easter morning, our family always looked forward to a breakfast of dyed hard boiled eggs and Mom's hot cross buns. I still serve these for special brunches or buffets.
—Barbara Jean Lull, Fullerton, California

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns >

I've been known to make hot cross buns throughout the year, not just at Easter. My husband loves them toasted and topped with butter!
—Trudy Williams, Shannonville, Ontario

Hot Cross Buns >

My husband's Grandma used to make these hot cross buns every year for Good Friday, and I carry on the tradition with my own version of her recipe. I make 6 dozen every year, and they all disappear.
—Jill Evely, Wilmore, Kentucky

Easter Muffin Recipes

Lemon Meringue Muffins >

These muffins taste like one of my favorite pies. The meringue adds a unique flavor.
—Nancy Kearney, Massillon, Ohio

Cappuccino Muffins >

These are my favorite muffins to serve with a cup of coffee or a tall glass of cold milk. Not only are they great for breakfast, they make a tasty dessert or midnight snack. The espresso spread is also super on a bagel.
—Janice Schulz, Racine, Wisconsin

Lemon-Streusel Blueberry Muffins >

My family and friends really enjoy fresh muffins. My berry-packed muffin flavor combo of almond extract and cardamon is just divine. And to top it off, the sweet lemon-cinnamon scented streusel is heavenly.
—Shirley Riley, Water Valley, Mississippi

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