What do you do with all of those dyed Easter eggs after the hunt? Make deviled eggs! Grandma's recipe may be tried-and-true, but here are some recipes for those looking to spread their wings and try something new.

Crab Deviled Eggs
My family loves crab salad and deviled eggs, so I tried combining the two in my Crab Deviled Eggs. The crab meat adds a lot of flavor. What a hit!
—Kevon Shuler, Chelsea, Michigan

Chicken Creole Deviled Eggs
Scrambling for a quick-and-easy recipe to use up some hard-cooked eggs? Just add a little diced chicken and these zippy deviled-egg snacks from our food editors are almost a lunch in themselves!
—Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Greedale, Wisconsin

Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs
I hope you'll agree that blue cheese and a hint of hot pepper in the filling put these flavorful Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs a step above the ordinary. They're always well received at a gathering.
—Nina Hall, Citrus Heights, California

Bacon-Cheddar Deviled Eggs
I created this recipe a few years ago when I was craving something different to do with hard-cooked eggs. I combined three of my favorite foods — bacon, eggs and cheese — in these deviled eggs. I've shared them at parties and have received many compliments on their eggstra special taste.
—Laura LeMay, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Deviled Ham Stuffed Eggs
I make these Deviled Ham Stuffed Eggs once a month for a fellowship meal at church — and I've yet to bring one back home! Different from typical versions, these hard-cooked eggs get a subtle crunch from chopped veggies, and deviled ham adds zing.
—Margaret Walker, Pace, Florida

Horseradish Deviled Eggs
People say, 'Wow!' when they taste these flavorful tangy Horseradish Deviled Eggs. The bold combination of ground mustard, dill and horseradish is so appealing ... the plate is always emptied whenever I serve these eggs.
—Ruth Roth, Linville, North Carolina

Lemon-Curry Deviled Eggs
I enjoy prettying up a potluck or brunch buffet with a platter of these zippy Lemon-Curry Deviled Eggs. You might also like to consider adding them to a salad plate or a soup and salad lunch.
—Judith Miller, Walnut, California

Sweet-Sour Deviled Eggs
Folks will be sweet on these appetizers when they try them! My family doesn't like traditional deviled eggs, but they gobble these Sweet-Sour Deviled Eggs right up. The recipes yields 2 dozen, so I always have enough to take to a potluck or party.
—Claudia Millhouse, Myersville, Maryland

Spinach Deviled Eggs
Spinach adds unexpected color and flavor to this tasty variation on deviled eggs. They're easy to make with leftover eggs and an attractive addition to a party spread.
—Dorothy Sander, Evansville, Indiana

Santa Fe Deviled Eggs
Santa Fe Deviled Eggs have a zippy Southwestern flair. Their smoky, spicy flavor is a hit with her husband, Paul.
—Patricia Harmon, Baden, Pennsylvania