Create a Summery Centerpiece, Basket Liner and Citrus Sections

Meal Photo

Meal Photo

Napkin Basket Liner

Basket Liner Photo

To give your dinner table a special look in mere minutes, create a unique liner for your bread or cracker basket. It's easy when you fold a bright cloth napkin into a lovely flower shape.

Basket Liner Photo 1To start, place the napkin on a flat surface and bring all four corners together to meet in the center. (This will create a square.)

Basket Liner Photo 2Carefully turn the napkin over, preserving the folds you just made. Again, bring opposite corners together to meet in the center. (This will form a smaller square.)

Basket Liner Photo 3With your hand holding down the center of the napkin, gently pull up the point underneath each corner to form a petal.

Basket Liner Photo 4Carefully place completed flower in basket to act as a liner. Fill with rolls and bread or use to hold crackers, breadsticks or rye chips when serving a spreadable appetizer like Baked Onion Dip (shown in the photo at top).