Create a Spring Centerpiece and Edible Dip Bowl

Spring Centerpiece Photo

Spring Centerpiece Photo

Spruce Up Platter with Pen and Paint

Bread Bowl Appetizer PhotoDon't have a serving platter that matches your favorite set of dishware? You can create one in a jiffy when you start with a clear glass serving platter, a paint pen and some spray paint. You can see just the edge of our platter peeking out from under the plate shown with Bread Bowl Appetizer (pictured at left).

Painted Plate Photo 1

Cover your work area with newspaper or a large piece of cardboard to protect the surface. Place plate upside down.

Use an opaque paint pen from a craft or stationery store to draw a design on the rim of the underside of the platter. We used a fine-line navy blue paint pen to mimic the subtle swirls on some of the napkins in our centerpiece.

Painted Plate Photo 2Once the design on the underside of the rim is dry, spray the entire underside of the plate with several light coats of spray paint. We used a can of latex spray paint in pale green to contrast with our blue design.

Allow the paint to dry completely between coats. Once it's dry, turn the plate over to display the two-tone design. You may want to seal the back of the plate with a clear acrylic. Whether you seal it or not, be sure to wash your platter by hand.