Rustic Christmas Dinner Centerpiece

Rustic December candle centerpiece

Rustic December candle centerpiece

Tree Boughs 'n' Tapers

Bring a bit of the outdoors inside for your home-style buffet by making this table topper featuring tree branch candle holders.

  1. First, head outside and collect an assortment of tree branches.
  2. Cut them into various lengths so they will stand on end.
  3. On one end of each branch, drill a hole in the center to serve as a holder for each candle. (We used a 3/4-inch bit for standard-sized taper candles.)
  4. To protect your table's surface, stand the branches on end on a large tray.
  5. Place candles in the drilled holes.
  6. Arrange Christmas greens, red berries, dogwood branches and pinecones around candle holders as desired.