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Ornament Exchange

Instead of throwing a typical gift exchange, throw an ornament exchange party complete with homemade Christmas ornaments and stations to show your guests how to make Christmas ornaments

Ornament Exchange

Ornament Exchange

Like most people, you and your friends probably add a new ornament or two to your collection every Christmas.

Add a twist to that tradition this year by throwing an ornament exchange party!

As guests unwrap their pretty packages and "ooh" and "aah" over their new treasures, they can nibble on some delectable desserts.

  • Whether you host the event for close friends, co-workers or acquaintances, an ornament exchange is one of the easiest parties to organize. All you need to do is purchase an ornament and make a little food...a good time is guaranteed when the gift opening begins! Here's how an ornament exchange works:
  • Ask each guest (the number depends on you) to bring one wrapped ornament. Specify a price range (often between $5 and $10).
  • As the guests arrive, assign a number to each package and give the guests a number, making sure it's not the number attached to their gift. (For a fun way to attach the numbers and to display the lovely pile of presents, see the Pretty Packages Centerpiece)
  • In turn, each person opens the package corresponding to their number. For a little added fun, see if folks can guess who purchased each ornament.