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Custom Candle Centerpiece

Nothing turns dining into a special event quite like candlelight. Make your evening memorable with candles you stylized and grouped on a plate as a centerpiece.

The only materials you need are pillar candles and sturdy pins or tacks with decorative heads. Pins with colored, metallic or pearlized heads can be found at fabric and craft stores and also in the sewing or craft departments of department and discount stores.

Look for heavier pins that aren't likely to bend or break when being pushed into the candle. We used nickel-plated steel pins with gold heads and 1/2-inch brass upholstery tacks with rounded heads.

Candle imageDetermine the design you'd like on your candle, such as a few straight rows of pins or a more detailed pattern like a star or your guests' initials.

Once you've chosen a pattern, carefully insert the pins into the candle. If the pins are difficult to push in all the way, you might need to use a thimble. Then light your candles and enjoy the radiance they bring to your table.

Angel Place Markers

These cute paper angels are sure to delight guests at your holiday get-together. Complete with precious halos and billowing wings, the angels can be personalized for place markers or simply used as charming decorations.

Angel image 1Fold a white 6-inch paper plate in half. Use a scissors to make a 1-1/4-inch cut along the fold toward the plate's center.

Use a pencil to draw the angel's head and halo onto the folded plate as shown in the photo at left. Begin where the 1-1/4-inch cut ends and make it no longer than 2 inches.

Angel image 2Cut out and discard the black semicircle. Then cut along the rest of the pattern, making sure to cut through both sides of the folded plate.

Angel image 3Unfold the plate. Follow the cut on the left side of the angel down and around the halo and head. At the point where the cut stops, cut a 1-1/2-inch horizontal slit toward the plate's left edge.

Then, starting at the opposite edge of the plate, cut another 1-1/2-inch slit toward the center of the plate, making these slits as closely in line with one another as possible.

Angel image 4Turn the plate over and gently bend the two large halves of the plate toward you, overlapping the wing in your left hand over the wing in your right. Continue until slits meet and can be inserted into one another. Adjust wings until the bottoms are even.

Turn the angel to face you and fold the halo forward to hover over the angel's head.

To create a place marker, write the name of a dinner guest on the angel's body with a fine-tip marker. If used as a decoration, leave it as is or spray-paint it.

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