Homemade Holiday Napkin Rings and Peppermint Stick Vase

Holiday Place Setting Photo

Holiday Place Setting Photo

Decorate your table with festive touches jolly enough to suit Santa Claus himself. Whether it's colorful napkin rings, a peppermint stick vase or a no-fuss method for stuffing a roast, table tips like these take just moments to complete. Best of all, each idea is easy and inexpensive, too.

Nifty Napkin Rings Add Fabulous Flair

Dress up your table with fast, fun napkin rings that conveniently coordinate with the peppermint stick vase. All you need are red and white 12-inch x 6-millimeter pipe cleaners (chenille stems) available at craft stores or in the craft area of most discount stores.

One red pipe cleaner and one white pipe cleaner will make two napkin rings, so figure the total number of pipe cleaners you'll need. If you're making eight napkin rings, for example, you'll need four red and four white pipe cleaners.

Napkin Ring Photo 1To begin, twist one red and one white pipe cleaner together, being certain to evenly space the colors as you twist them. When they're twisted into one piece, use a wire cutters or utility scissors to cut them in half.

Napkin Ring Photo 2Shape each half into a circle and twist the ends together to form a ring. Slip a napkin through each ring, reshaping the ring if necessary. Repeat with additional pipe cleaners until you've made a napkin ring for each guest at your table.

Candy Sticks Circle Sweet Centerpiece

Everyone will be so taken with the colorful holiday vase holding your arrangement of fresh flowers that they won't believe how simple it is to make.

You will need a clean empty aluminum can, individually wrapped peppermint sticks, a rubber band and decorative ribbon. We used a 28-ounce bean can and 27 peppermint sticks (7-1/4 inches long). The number of candy sticks you'll need will depend on the variety you use and the size of the can. Any can will work as long as it's shorter than the sticks.

We kept the wrappers on the candy to avoid sticky fingers. But we trimmed off the bottoms of the wrappers so the ends of the sticks sit flat on the table.

Peppermint Vase Photo 1Place the rubber band around the can. Tuck peppermint sticks behind the band, keeping the bottoms of the sticks flush with the bottom of the can. Continue to add them around the can until it is hidden.

If you're having trouble keeping the peppermint sticks in place, use two rubber bands. Place one a few inches from the top of the can and the other a few inches from the bottom. Then tuck the sticks beneath both bands. Remove one rubber band and center the other on the can before continuing to the next step.

Peppermint Vase Photo 2Hide the rubber band with a ribbon that coordinates with your table decorations. Our red ribbon was 1-1/2 inches wide.

Fill the can with water. (Be sure not to get the peppermint sticks wet or you'll end up with a sticky mess on your table.) To complete the merry centerpiece, just add fresh flowers, like the red and white carnations we used.