Decorating A Bright Brunch Table

Bold reds in holiday centerpieces boost the whites of winter

Decorating A Bright Brunch Table

Decorating A Bright Brunch Table

On a crisp and snowy Christmas morning, the bold color of red is stunning against a wintry white table.

For the vibrant floral arrangement pictured at right, we purchased an assortment of red and white flowers (such as daisies, carnations, roses and tulips) as well as some vibrant greens. (We first filled the vase with hydrated water polymer crystals to give an icy affect. See the tips below.)

We then tied a sheer red ribbon around the vase and tucked in a large candy cane. (We carried this cute candy cane theme onto individual mugs of hot chocolate. These small candy canes make sweet stirrers!)

If you're serving a brunch buffet, consider making some handy cutlery bundles by tying a knife, fork and spoon together with the same sheer red ribbon as used on the vase and mugs.

What Are Water Polymer Crystals?

You can find water polymer crystals at any large craft store. The crystals will look like hard pellets. But when you hydrate them as instructed on the package, they soften and take on the look of crystal.

Place the hydrated crystals in a vase and arrange flowers as desired. Water polymer crystals can be dried and hydrated over and over again.

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