Christmas Eve Seafood Supper

You won't have to go fishing for compliments when you serve this distinctive holiday dinner on Christmas Eve.

Shrimp with Lemon Linguine—featuring shrimp, mushrooms and red pepper swimming in a light cream sauce—rivals any fare found in seafood restaurants. (For a more meaty meal, you'll reel in rave reviews with Beef Burgundy.)

To round out either entree, pour glasses of Brilliant Christmas Sunset, pass around a basket of Homemade Crescent Rolls and toss together Crown Jewel Salad.

Dinner guests will dive into Chocolate Mousse, a "must have" on any holiday menu.

Schedule for Christmas Eve Dinner

A Few Weeks Before:

  • Prepare two grocery lists—one for nonperishable items to purchase now and one for perishable items to purchase a few days before Christmas Eve.
  • Make the Icy Votive Candle Holders (see directions below).

The Day Before:

Christmas Eve Day:

Icy Votive Candle Holders

Corn syrup is the secret to bringing a bit of Jack Frost to your table! We set the "painted" candle holders on a cobalt blue glass tray and added some clear sparkling stones, but the candle holders can also be used by themselves.

  • 2 tablespoons light corn syrup
  • Blue gel or paste food coloring, optional
  • Three clear glass votive candle holders and candles
  • Pastry brush
  • Waxed paper

Place corn syrup in a small bowl; tint with food coloring if desired. Immediately apply the corn syrup to the outside of candle holders with pastry brush, using a random pattern of brush strokes. Set candle holders on waxed paper until dry to the touch. These candle holders can be made weeks in advance.

Editor's Note: Handle the candle holders with dry hands. If your hands are wet, some of the syrup may rub off. To remove the corn syrup from the candle holders, simply wash in warm soapy water.

"Painting" Candle Holders

removing cake Holding the candle holder on the inside, apply corn syrup with a pastry brush to the outside, using random brush strokes. To achieve the icy look, let the strokes of the brush show…don't try to smooth them out. Set on waxed paper to dry.