Tulip Centerpiece

Tulip Centerpiece

You don't need to spend a fortune—or be a professional florist—to create a stunning centerpiece for your formal Easter dinner.

For an eye-catching arrangement, all you need are a few seasonal items and a container that you already have on hand.

In the pretty picture at right, we gathered enough parrot tulips to fill an everyday enamel container. Cut and arrange the stems so that they slightly spill over the sides. Then we tucked in some simple pussy willow stems.

With the right amount of care, your display can last for several days.

Tending to Tulips

Tulips can last from three to seven days if you follow these guidelines:

  • Purchase tulips with colorful, closed buds and healthy green stems and leaves.
  • At home, cut off at least 1/2 inch of the stems on an angle with a sharp nonserrated knife. (Cut off the firm, white base of the stem if not already done.) Place tulips in cold water. Do not refrigerate.
  • Tulips prefer cool room temperatures, so keep them away from sources of heat, including sunlight.
  • Unlike many other flowers, tulips continue to grow once cut. To keep the shape of your arrangement, trim the stems daily.
  • Add fresh water every day.

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