Hydrangea Centerpiece

Hydrangea Centerpiece

Bring a little of the outdoors inside at Easter with this beautiful hydrangea-and-candle centerpiece. Hydrangeas come in an amazing array of colors, so look for a shade that coordinates with your dishes and table linens.

Before you begin, visit your local garden center or nursery and purchase a clear plastic flowerpot saucer (the saucer we used measured 12 inches in diameter), a piece of floral foam big enough to fit inside the saucer and about seven large hydrangea blossoms in the color of your choice.

If you don't want the floral foam to be visible when the centerpiece is on display, you may want to adhere a coordinating ribbon around the plastic saucer with double-stick tape.

Soak the floral foam until completely saturated. With a serrated knife, cut the foam to fit inside the saucer. (The top should be level with the rim.) Place three candlesticks in a triangle on top of the foam.

Cut hydrangea blossoms from stems and separate into small clumps. Starting at the outside edge, push the hydrangea stems into the floral foam. Add hydrangeas to the middle of the centerpiece until the foam is completely covered. Place candles in candlesticks.

You can assemble this centerpiece in advance as long as the hydrangea stems remain in the water-soaked floral foam.

Assembling the Hydrangea Centerpiece

Hydrangea CenterpieceSoak floral foam in water and cut to fit inside a clear plastic flowerpot saucer. If desired, adhere a ribbon around the saucer. Set candlesticks on top of the foam.

Starting at the outside edge and working toward the center, push the hydrangea stems into the floral foam. Put candles in the candlesticks.