When hosting an ornament exchange, let the wrapped boxes and gift bags brought by guests serve as your centerpiece. The various shapes of boxes and bags and the variety of wrapping paper will add visual appeal and color in an instant.

  • Because most of the boxes brought to the party will likely be small, you may want to wrap a large empty box to serve as the anchor for the display.
  • Before the party, cut a long ribbon for each guest you're expecting. Then attach a number to each of the ribbons. Put the same amount of numbers on a separate piece of paper in a container and set aside.
  • As guests arrive, tie a numbered ribbon to each of the packages. Have guests select a number from the container (be sure it's not the same number you just assigned to their gift!). Set the boxes and bags around your large wrapped box. Position the ribbons so the numbers are visible.
  • When you're ready to begin the ornament exchange, have each guest look for their number and follow the ribbon to their gift. Have each person take a turn to unwrap their new ornament.