Floral Cornucopia Centerpiece

Forget the fruit cornucopia—fill a traditional cornucopia with fresh flowers for your Thanksgiving table centerpiece

Floral Cornucopia Centerpiece

Floral Cornucopia Centerpiece

Cornucopia is a Latin term derived from two words: "cornu" (meaning horn) and "copia" (meaning plenty). According to Greek mythology, after Zeus accidentally broke off a horn from the goat, Amalthea, he promised that the horn would always be filled with whatever fruits the goat desired.

A symbol of abundance, the horn of plenty is an appropriate centerpiece for Thanksgiving, where friends and family gather to celebrate around a beautiful table overflowing with home-cooked foods, lively conversation and cherished friends and family.

To create the cornucopia shown above, we purchased a metal, cone-shaped container, filled it with floral foam and added water.

Our fresh flower choices included: wheat-like green grass, liatris, Blue Mountain thistle, myrtle, green button mums, dusty miller, green solidaster and eucalyptus pods.

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