Fall Floral Centerpiece

Learn how to make a flower arrangement with this cheerful mum bouquet

Fall Floral Centerpiece

Fall Floral Centerpiece

"Mum's" the word when it comes to fall flower arrangements. After all, when the summer blooms have faded away, you can always depend on chrysanthemums to liven up your tabletop.

Plus, with a range of colors including white, yellow, orange, bronze, red, purple and pink, you're sure to find a variety that ties into your home's color scheme.

For the arrangement shown above, we purchased an assortment of daisy, spider and pompon mums. Ferns and other greens complete the lovely look.

Instead of using a vase, we reached for the vegetable bowl in the same pattern as the china used on the dinner table.

Below we show you how easy it is to arrange a professional-looking floral arrangement with a little tape and creativity!

Easy Floral Arranging

    Fall Floral Centerpiece
  1. By making a grid with tape, you can arrange flowers like a pro and create a stunning centerpiece.
  2. Put a handful of floral marbles or stones in the bottom of your bowl or vase. Place strips of transparent or floral tape parallel to one another across the top of the container. Then place strips perpendicular to the first set to form a grid.
  3. Fill the container with water. To make a mounded shape, trim the center flowers to be longer than the flowers that will be used around the outer edge. Insert flowers within the taped grid. Smaller flowers can be bunched together, while larger flowers can stand alone.