Cupcake Decorating Station

Have a cupcake decorating party featuring Santa cupcakes and reindeer cupcakes, then display everyone's Christmas cupcakes

Cupcake Decorating Station

Cupcake Decorating Station

When hosting a party for children, there's no need for a fancy dessert. Just have some plain, baked cupcakes on hand!

As a fun food craft during the party, have kids frost the cupcakes, then decorate with assorted toppings, like colored sugar, sprinkles, chocolate jimmies and small candies.

Or for a little more creativity, have guests put on a happy holiday face by making St. Nick or Reindeer Cupcakes.

Here's how:

St. Nick Cupcakes. Start with 2 cups (or one 16-ounce can) vanilla frosting. Place 2/3 cup in a bowl; tint with red food coloring.

Frost part of the cupcake top with white frosting for the face and the other part with red frosting for the hat. If desired, pipe white frosting to create the fur band of the hat. Press a miniature marshmallow on one side of the hat for pom-pom.

Add chocolate chips for the eyes and a red-hot candy for the nose. Gently press flaked coconut below the nose for the beard.

Reindeer Cupcakes. Frost cupcakes with Classic Chocolate Frosting or chocolate frosting of your choice.

Add chocolate chips for the eyes and a red-hot candy for the nose. Break apart large pretzel twists; add two pieces for antlers.

For a mouth-watering centerpiece, display the decorated cupcakes in a tiered cupcake stand.