By dinnertime on Christmas Day, all of the packages under the tree have been opened and the pretty wrappings have been discarded.

Enjoy the sight of pretty packages a while longer by creating this lovely arrangement.

  1. First, chose a color theme for the wrapping paper, ribbons and flowers, making sure the colors work with your dishes and table linens.
  2. For an elegant look, we chose green and gold wrapping paper and ribbons. Then we selected pretty paperwhites to pop out of the packages.
  3. Next, look for boxes in varying sizes. We made three stacks with two boxes each. The largest boxes were used in the center of the display.
  4. Then find narrow glasses or vases that are roughly the same height as each stack of boxes.
  5. For each stack of boxes, wrap the top and bottom of the largest box separately. Then wrap the bottom only of the next largest box. Set the smaller boxes on top of the larger boxes.
  6. With tape or a stapler, secure ribbons at the top and bottom on each side of the stacks.
  7. With a utility knife, cut a large "X" in the bottom of the top box and through the lid of the bottom box.
  8. Carefully fill each glass or vase with floral marbles if desired and water. Insert the glass or vase into each stack of boxes, making sure it's resting within the bottom box. Add flowers.
  9. In the top box of each stack, fill in with tissue paper and gold angel hair or raffia, covering the glass or vase as much as possible.
  10. To continue with the gift box theme, we set smaller decorated boxes at each place setting. The boxes could be empty or filled with a party favor, such as an ornament or candy.