Bowling Party Was Right Up Their Alley

Bowling Party Recipes Photo

Bowling Party Recipes Photo

LAST SPRING, at the end of the bowling season, my friend Linde Tesch and I threw a Perfect Game Party for our team.

While we rarely scored more than 150 on any given game, this gathering scored a perfect 300 for fun and fellowship! We served Kingpin Cheese Spread, Spare-Rib Sandwiches, 7-10 Split Layered Salad and Roll-a-Strike Sundaes.

Just about everything can be made ahead of time, so there was no last-minute rushing around. And that means more time to enjoy your guests!

With a warm-up of Kingpin Cheese Spread and crackers, we were off to a great start. The creamy spread holds its shape well and is easy to form.

As an alternative to the bowling pin, you could make it look like half a bowling ball. Cover the ball with chopped black olives, leaving three circles open for the finger holes.

Pork Scores with Guests

Spare-Rib Sandwiches scored high with everyone. The tender pulled barbecued pork has a pleasant hint of lemon that you don't expect.

And although bowlers tend to frown when they leave a split, the team was all smiles over 7-10 Split Layered Salad. This potato salad is so pretty layered in a glass bowl and is very tasty.

For a season-ending splurge, we made Roll-a-Strike Sundaes. These yummy banana splits are topped with a velvety chocolate sauce that's scrumptious…and easy to make!

On the Ball with Decor

To keep our bowling theme rolling along, we decorated the tables with runners of wood-grain-patterned Con-Tact paper to look like bowling lanes. On black paper plates, we placed white circular stickers from the office supply store for a finger-hole effect.

We did the same thing on a round vase (spray-painted black) for a bowling ball centerpiece. Favors were small gold trophy cups filled with malted milk balls. A child's bowling set was cute with the buffet.

Our teammates were bowled over by the party! And we're happy to share the idea, hoping other Taste of Home readers can "spare" the time to spend with friends at a fun-filled gathering like ours.