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Raspberry Fudge Torte

Birthday Treats Take the Cake

For young and old alike, birthday celebrations revolve around friends and family, prettily wrapped packages and—most importantly—a scrumptious cake topped with candles!

Bugs Buzz in for Supper

Bugs Buzz in for Tasty Summer Supper

This Taste of Home reader threw her son a "buggy" summer birthday party.

Clown Cake

Cake Decorating Tips

Even a novice can master decorating techniques to create impressive cakes. To make the task easier, use pastry bags or heavy-duty resealable bags, metal or plastic cake decorating tips and a coupler.


Cowboy Fare Delights 'Pardners'

EVEN THOUGH I'm a busy gal, I like to do something special for my sons' birthdays. One year, Isaiah picked a cowboy theme for his party.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Creative Cake Boards

Cakes baked in convenient 13-inch x 9-inch x 2-inch baking pans are great because they don't call for any tricky layering and they often feed a larger group. But to make the cake look a little more special for occasions like birthday parties, you may want to take it out of the pan and serve it on a cake board.

Pepper Cookies and Dip Photo

Have Fun with a Fiesta Party!

When my friend Cynthia turned 40, another friend and I wanted to give her a special birthday party. Instead of an "over the hill" theme, we decided a fiesta was in order!

Cute Cupcake Charm

How to Create a Cupcake Charm

Learn how to create this cute cupcake charm out of polymer clay!

Hungry Pirates Find Tasty Treasure

Hungry Pirates Find Tasty Treasure

I planned a swashbuckling pirate birthday party for my son's guests and their families.

Whoopie Pie Recipes

Whoopie Pie Recipes

Nothing beats an old-fashioned treat like these whoopie pie recipes! Whoopie pies—chocolate cake-like cookies with a cream filling—make a fun addition to any celebration.

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