Backyard Hawaiian Luau

If you're not planning a trip to Hawaii any time soon, bring the flavors of the Pacific Rim to your own backyard!

It's easy to re-create the lavish luaus in Hawaii with a luscious on-the-deck dinner. Say "Aloha" to guests as they arrive out back by offering them a tall glass of Luau Refresher.

Grilled Mahi Mahi showcases a fabulous fruit salsa, which is a pleasing complement to the mild fish flavor. Macadamia Citrus Couscous is a special side dish that can either be served warm or chilled.

A breath-taking bounty of fresh fruit rounds out the delightful dinner.

History of the Luau

Before 1819, it was traditional Hawaiian practice for men and women to dine apart from each other. A feast where King Kamahameha II ate with women was the symbolic act ending this custom…and the luau was born.

A favorite dish at these royal feasts was called luau (a combination of leaves of the taro plant and chicken baked in coconut milk).

Mats were rolled out for people to sit on and the food was eaten with the fingers. Breath-taking centerpieces were made with ferns and native flowers.

Fruit Platter Centerpiece

For a natural centerpiece at your Hawaiian luau, set out a tray topped with a bounty of fresh fruit!

For our centerpiece, we included family favorites such as apples, oranges, kiwi, star fruit and cantaloupe. Don't forget tropical favorites like mango, passion fruit and pineapple. You may also want to tuck in bunches of red grapes for a burst of contrasting color.

Instead of tossing out the top of the pineapple, we placed it in the center of our platter, then tucked in fresh edible orchids.