Tips for Planning a Successful Bake Sale

Baking delicious goodies is just the start to a successful bake sale. Check out these easy hints and tips to help you plan the big event.

Tips for a Successful Bake Sale

Tips for a Successful Bake Sale

  • Ask family and friends to join in and help you prepare, bake and participate in your bake sale.

  • Work with local businesses to receive donated baked goods, talk to schools and community centers to borrow tables and chairs and rally your neighbors to help you bake and sell.

  • Organize a team and assign roles and responsibilities. Decide who is baking, who is packaging the baked goods and who will help run the bake sale.

  • Make your bake sale healthy by incorporating low-fat baked goods, whole wheat flour, butter substitutes and desserts with fresh fruit.

  • Have some gluten-free and nut-free treats available for sale for people with allergies.

  • Decorate your table and consider creating a theme—play off of a holiday or community event.

  • Promote your bake sale by putting up flyers around your community, adding the event to your organization's website, sending an email to friends, adding it to your Facebook page, Tweeting about it and adding it to your newsletter.

  • Use decorative paper, plastic wrap, foil, ribbons and stickers to creatively package your baked goods.

  • On the day of your bake sale, arrive early to set up and organize your baked goods on the display table.

  • Let your customers know where you are going to donate the money raised by your sale. They might be inclined to buy more goodies.

  • After your bake sale, send thank you letters to those who donated resources or time.