Back-to-School Buffet Earns High Marks

Celebrate the first week of school with a special supper.

Back to School Meal Photo

Back to School Meal Photo

Celebrating the first week of school? Surprise your favorite students with this special supper. Preparing the fast feast is elementary, because our Test Kitchen kept in mind the three R's…refreshingly rapid recipes!

This colorful, Straight-A Salad gets a gold star for versatility—it's ideal with most any entree. Plus, its mild mustard vinaigrette comes together in mere minutes.

All you need for this down-home ABC Vegetable Soup is a handful of ingredients, including fun alphabet pasta and convenient frozen veggies. It's ideal for chilly nights.

If you're looking for a satisfying sandwich, this sensational Ruler Stromboli is sure to measure up. Filled with deli turkey, Swiss cheese and sauteed peppers, refrigerated pizza dough makes it a snap to assemble.

You'll receive extra credit when you serve up this sweet Schoolhouse Cake. A boxed cake mix and canned frosting streamline preparation while cookies and candy provide fast finishing touches.