A Power Breakfast For A Day Of Power Shopping

Keep your energy up for a day of Christmas shopping with these easy breakfast recipes. They'll make for a fast, healthy, and high-powered start to an early morning of bargain hunting.

Makeover Toasted Granola

My family likes this make-ahead Makeover Toasted Granola in so many ways. We sprinkle it over yogurt and ice cream, we eat it with milk like cereal, and we love to just eat it right from the container!
—Susan Lajeunesse, Colchester, Vermont

Coconut Tropical Fruit Salad

This Coconut Tropical Fruit Salad recipe makes an excellent breakfast or dessert! Toasted coconut, mango and more bring the flavor of the tropics indoors.
—Katie Covington, Blacksburg, South Carolina

Nutmeg Waffles

Bake an extra batch of these tender, golden Nutmeg Waffles on the weekend. Eat one, then freeze the other in packages of two, to pop in the toaster and reheat on hurried mornings. Nutmeg adds to their warm, feel-good flavor!
—James Christensen, St. Anthony, Idaho

Berry Best Smoothies

This Berry Best Smoothies recipe is a wonderful way to use up over-ripened bananas and to help my family get 5 daily servings of fruit and veggies. It's so quick, easy and filling—and my kids absolutely love it!
—Pamela Klim, Bettendorf, Iowa

Too-Yummy-To-Share Scramble

Pamper yourself some sunny morning with this scrumptious, single-serving egg dish…you're worth it! I've gotten many compliments on this Too-Yummy-To-Share Scramble recipe; basil gives it fresh flavor.
—Vickey Abate, Green Island, New York

Crunchy Apple Salad

With fiber-rich fruit, light dressing and crunchy walnuts, this Crunchy Apple Salad is a great breakfast or snack. Try it with low-fat granola.
—Kathy Armstrong, Post Falls, Idaho

Honey Wheat Pancakes

Even my kids love these wholesome Honey Wheat Pancakes! The thick and tender pancakes have a delightful hint of honey and cinnamon that you'll love.
—Martina Bias, Belleville, Illinois

Cherry Yogurt

Serve wholesome granola over this thick, rich Cherry Yogurt for a quick breakfast. Or layer it in a parfait glass with granola and fruit for something special. It will keep in the refrigerator for the week. Look for 100% cherry juice at the store, since the cocktail blends have added sugar.
—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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