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<i>Lost</i> Party

Jacob has chosen you as "the candidate" to host this tropical Lost party.

Lost Party

Lost Party

The Lost series finale airs Sunday, May 23 (ABC, 9/8c), marking the end of one of the most talked-about shows in television history. You can get in on the farewell by throwing your own finale party, with recipes and party ideas all inspired by the hit show.

Party Ideas

  • Create Lost-themed invitations using Oceanic Airlines tickets, lottery tickets or comic books as inspiration.
  • Have your guests dress up as a favorite character from the show. An easy costume idea for a Dharma Initiative member: a simple pair of overalls with a Dharma logo and name tag—don't forget to include your new Dharma job title!
  • Download music from iTunes from Geronimo Jackson, Driveshaft or Previously on Lost to play at the party.
  • Label cans of beer, cereal, canned fruit or vegetables, condiments and more with Dharma Initiative labels.
  • Cover a bucket of chicken with a "Mr. Cluck's Fried Chicken" label.
  • Pass out single serving packets of peanuts and pretzels, plus water bottles and cans of soda.
  • Serve liquor from mini airplane-size bottles.
  • Decorate with a Lost island theme in mind: coconuts, polar bears, palm trees, shells and more tropical accessories. Create tiers on the food buffet using carry-on luggage.

Lost Recipes

Tropical fish and fruit, plus canned and boxed Dharma food, are staples of the Losties' diets. These recipes feature Hurley's ranch dressing, Jin's fresh catch of the day, Sawyer's favorite beer, Kate's fruit salad, and Charlie and Claire's peanut butter.

Kickin' Snack Mix
This snack mix tastes like something Hurley would have thrown together himself—a little ranch dressing mix, a little cereal and a little spice.

Beer Dip
Sawyer can swipe some of Hurley's ranch dressing mix, and combine it with a little brewsky, to get this delicious dip.

Alfresco Bean Salad
Raid the Dharma pantry for canned beans and corn and grab a tomato from Sun's garden to make this healthy salad.

Shrimp 'n' Scallops Tropical Salad
Jin's been out fishing and Kate's been picking mangoes for this meal-worthy tropical salad.

Land and Sea Kabobs
It's not boar, but Locke would be proud to serve these pork and shrimp kabobs, accented with fresh fruit.

No-Bake Peanut Butter Treats
Charlie and Claire don't have to pretend any more with this real peanut butter treat.

Banana Boats
You can't sail this boat to the other island, but you can cook it over the campfire!

For more Lost food ideas, visit lostpedia.