Tour My Kitchen with Carey and Grove Hunt

Tour My Kitchen with Carey and Grove Hunt

Entertaining is huge for our family. So when we built our third home, in 2008, we created a spacious, kid-friendly kitchen to accommodate not only our family of five but friends and relatives, too. We have parties quite often for anywhere from two to 82 people.

I love that this kitchen is large enough to hold a ton of people for eating, drinking and dancing, but we can invite just one family over and it still feels cozy. Plus, our family—including my husband, Grove, a contractor; our kids, Emma, 6, Ellie, 4-1/2, and Sammy, 3; and our dog, Abby — can be in the kitchen at the same time with room to spare.

I never have to worry about the kids when they're playing outside. The kitchen was designed so I can literally keep an eye on them from anywhere in the room — whether I'm at my desk or cooking dinner.

I'm still learning all about the convection function on our double oven. With all the entertaining we do, our two dishwashers and oversized refrigerator are a necessity.

Four baskets tucked into the island hold a variety of snacks, so the kids can help themselves. They're good about taking things only when they're really hungry.

The island is also where we eat breakfast and lunch. At breakfast, I'm typically a short-order cook, creating three different meals for each of our kids. They like to watch the TV in the corner cabinet while I cook.

Our kitchen is practical but beautiful, too! We love the way the kitchen glistens, with its shiny countertops of granite and marble, glazed cabinets and two chandeliers over the island to keep things sparkling.

We didn't build a formal dining room in this house; instead, we have a dining area in the kitchen. I'm a high-energy person, but no matter what we're doing, we all sit down together for dinner every evening. I find peace in gathering at the kitchen table to talk about our day and what the next day will bring.

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