Ho-Ho-Homemade Kitchen

Holiday trims accent the ho-ho-homemade kitchen this couple remodeled themselves.

By Linda Johnston, Tucson, Arizona

After Kitchen Photo

After Kitchen Photo

When a kitchen has a cook- and family-friendly layout and plenty of storage space, decorating with delightful holiday accents seems like the frosting on the cake!

These days, it's a joy to deck the walls in our kitchen with 80 feet of pine garland entwined with red lights, poinsettias, pinecones, red beads and red ornaments. It wasn't always that way.

My husband, Jack, and I love to host holiday gatherings, but it used to be that our kitchen just didn't have the features that let us efficiently cook, serve or store all of our essentials. So we decided to remodel.

Before Kitchen Photo

We own a custom cabinet shop and have helped many clients over the years design their own kitchens. Still, when it came time to revamp our own, we had a hard time deciding what special elements to incorporate. I knew for sure that I wanted an attractive layout with ample cabinets and storage space.

Linda and Jack

We did the entire remodeling job ourselves—from designing the new layout to knocking out old walls and putting in new ones. Jack custom-made all of the oak cabinets plus the big oak dining table where we like to gather for family dinners. We have three grown children, Rick, Dawn and Ron, and eight grandchildren.

The addition of an island, a china cabinet and pantry tripled the storage space in our new kitchen.

The island is in the center of the kitchen and houses my stove. It's where I spend most of my time, and I love the view from there—a breathtaking look at the Catalina Mountains.