Donations and Helping Hands

Donated materials and helping hands made remodeling this kitchen a labor of love.

By Judy Freeman, Auburn, Alabama

After Kitchen Photo

After Kitchen Photo

My prayers were answered when my husband, Bobby, and I were blessed with the opportunity to renovate our outdated 1970s kitchen.

Bobby, who's a pastor, and I live with nine of our 11 children in a century-old house.

With all the kids, two grandchildren and a lot of company, it's not unusual to have 20 people for Sunday dinner. So the dreary kitchen was definitely due for an overhaul.

As I was trying to pull an item from our worn and crowded brown cabinets one day, I said a little prayer to God for a new kitchen. Little did I know how soon that request would be granted!

Before Kitchen Photo

About 2 weeks later, a contractor (the deacon of our church) asked if we could use the white vinyl-coated cabinets left over from one of his remodeling jobs. We were elated.

We planned to store the cabinets in the barn until we could afford to remodel, but a week later, the contractor surprised us with a floor plan that he had drawn up. He, his wife and a young man from church set to work altering the cabinets to fit our kitchen. Our family started stripping wallpaper and priming walls.

My sons, along with some other young men from church, helped tear out the old cupboards and install the new ones. They also had to repair the rotting floorboards.