Junior knows how much I love to cook, so he carefully wired the kitchen with plenty of outlets. I can have three slow cookers going at once without worrying about blowing anything up! I also have 17 light switches to accommodate a multitude of lighting options, including 22 recessed lights.

I had no counter space in the old kitchen, but now I have plenty of countertops made of white tile, with forest- green accents. All of our appliances, including a six-burner stove, refrigerator and handy convection wall oven, are also a deep green. I love the color scheme because it’s different from everyone else’s...and it fits in with our theme.

Designed from the Heart

Junior and I are big John Deere fans, and our collection of miniature tractors and tins is displayed throughout the kitchen. The John Deere handsaws hanging from the exposed beams once belonged to Junior’s granddaddy.

Our kitchen has become the “watering hole” for all family functions and gatherings. We do everything here, from eating at the spacious dining table to relaxing in the rocking chairs gathered around a cedar chest built by cousin Kevin. We celebrate all of our holidays here.

Designed from the HeartEveryone loves how open our kitchen is, especially our grandbabies, who can easily motor around without bumping into each other. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize that this gorgeous kitchen is really mine. It truly is a gift of love from my husband. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

Kitchen floorplan

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