Designed from the Heart

Freddie Mae Ellis, Oxford, Georgia

Freddie Mae Ellis, Oxford, Georgia

You know you need a larger kitchen when there’s not enough room for anyone to come in and help out!

Our old kitchen was 10 square feet… no joke. With four grown children and their families, our get-togethers were getting really cramped.

That’s when my wonderful husband, Arthur Floyd Ellis Jr. “Junior,” offered to build me the kitchen of my dreams. Junior is an electrician by trade, plus he built the home we’ve lived in for the past 32 years. In my opinion, I had the best builder in Georgia designing my kitchen.

Designed from the HeartHe began by removing the double windows from the dining room and building a glass breezeway that leads to the new kitchen addition. Together, the walkway and the new kitchen are almost the size of the original house!

Once the breezeway was completed, we focused our attention on the kitchen. Our first priority was to create a space that “fit” all of our family members and friends. The 36- by 24-foot room provides plenty of space!

The woodwork is truly spectacular. The walls are sided in logs, inside and out, and the ceiling is white pine. Our floors are made of yellow knotted pine. At the center is an octagonal inlay of white oak, cherry and heart pine.

Designed from the Heart

Large picture-frame windows showcase the beautiful farmland where Junior grew up. He’s lived on this land since he was 6 years old. Before I leave for work in the morning (I’ve been the secretary at the animal control center for 16 years), I can look out those windows and see my horse grazing in the pasture.

The kitchen cabinets, made of hickory from Tennessee, were crafted by my husband’s cousin, Kevin. The two of them built the large pantry, where I store canned goods and small appliances.

Designed from the HeartOne of my favorite features is the 7- by 4-foot island. I use this gem for wrapping Christmas gifts (no more aching back), and it’s great for buffet-style entertaining. It’s also a convenient spot for me to do my canning. All my pots and pans hang on a rack right above the island.