A Kitchen with a View

Mary S., Carter Lake, Iowa

Mary S., Carter Lake, Iowa

What a view we share from our kitchen! When my husband, Art, and I designed our kitchen, we wanted to take advantage of our beautiful view of Carter Lake. From our dinner table, we can see 126 feet of sparkling shoreline.

It took us 3 years to plan and 2 years to build our custom-designed home—and we put a lot of thought into every aspect, including the kitchen.

A Kitchen with a ViewI own a real estate company, so I’ve seen many kitchens in my time. (Art and our daughter, Marlise, also work there.) Our kitchen, however, is truly our own creation—from the day we began drawing out the plans to the day we reveled in the finished product.

Windows Showcase Lake

With Carter Lake as the backdrop, I naturally chose lots of windows for my kitchen. Three side-by-side glass doors with transoms line the dining area, offering a spectacular view any time of day. The doors lead to an expansive deck and an enclosed porch that’s always ideal for entertaining.

A Kitchen with a ViewA large, stylish, diamond-shaped window is located on the north side of the kitchen, with two more windows on either side of the corner-angled sink. I especially love the warm sunshine that pours through these windows.

The kitchen is a blend of Art’s preference for oak and mine for a sleeker, contemporary look. The cabinetry has a white finish, edged in gorgeous cinnamon oak and decorative white rope trim. Compromise served us well, we think!

A Kitchen with a ViewWith all these beautiful cabinets, we have ample storage space, including a roll-out pantry, an appliance garage and display cabinets with glass doors to show off my dishes.

The soft, caramel-colored oak also borders the vaulted ceiling above the dining area and makes up the base of the island. It’s even used for the cabinet pulls.

Inspired by my favorite dinner plates, I chose purple and green to complement the cabinetry. We painted the walls lavender-gray and selected dusty hunter green for the countertops. The backsplash is rippled white ceramic tile accented with tempered glass diamonds, also in green.