Too Much of a Good Thing

"When I was a new bride in 1984, I didn't know anything about cooking," recalls Janyce Klyczek of Temecula, California. "To get ideas, I watched talk shows that featured cooking tips and guests with recipe ideas.

"One day, I tuned in to a show starring Sonny Bono, who shared a recipe for 20-Clove Garlic Chicken from his Italian restaurant in Palm Springs.

"The dish looked great and seemed fairly easy to prepare, although it did call for a lot of garlic. I rushed out to the store to get the necessary ingredients.

"The checkout clerk stared at my pile of garlic and asked if I was expecting vampires for dinner. That should have been fair warning of what was to come.

"At home, it took me forever to peel enough garlic for my fabulous entree. When my husband arrived home, I was standing over the stove sauteing my garlic chicken. My eyes were burning and our little apartment reeked of garlic.

"He told me he'd smelled the garlic all the way out in the parking lot. Being Italian, he was much more familiar with that pungent seasoning than I was.

" 'How much did the recipe call for?' he asked.

" 'Twenty cloves,' I told him, pointing to one still on the kitchen counter.

"He picked it up. 'This is a garlic bulb, not a clove,' he explained. 'There are probably 10 or 15 cloves in a bulb.'

"He burst out laughing…and after a moment, so did I. I'd put in about 10 times more garlic than I should have! Needless to say, we ate out that night. And I didn't order the garlic chicken!"