Strange Concoction

FOR MY FIRST dinner party, I planned a menu that started out with shrimp cocktail and ended with strawberry shortcake.

I made the cocktail sauce and put it in the refrigerator, along with a bowl of mashed strawberries for the dessert. I worried that I didn't have enough sauce, so I made a second batch and added it to the one in the refrigerator.

The shrimp cocktail was a hit, and the rest of the dinner went smoothly. Then it came time for dessert. As my husband helped spoon the strawberries over the shortcake, he sampled one of the strawberries. His face froze in a strange expression.

"What's wrong?" I asked anxiously.

"You taste it," he said, gulping down some water.

I did…and burst into tears. By mistake, I had poured the second batch of shrimp sauce into the strawberries.

So we served our guests ice cream and cookies instead. But I never again planned a meal that included both shrimp cocktail and strawberry shortcake! —Doris Mueller, Fenton, Missouri

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