Soupy Salad

WITH our first child on the way, my husband surprised me with a wonderful little food processor. I was so excited that I couldn't wait to puree something.

I got my chance when my husband mentioned that his mom used to put chopped apple in his tuna salad sandwiches. Thinking I could save myself some work, I decided to try my new appliance. I filled the food processor with apple, tuna and mayonnaise and turned it on. Unfortunately, the tuna-apple salad came out as tuna-apple soup!

So not to waste food, I placed a slice of cheese on the inside of two slices of bread and melted the cheese in the microwave. Then I spread on the "soup" and put the concoction in a sandwich bag for my husband's lunch.

When he came home that night, he told me the guys felt so bad for him when they saw his lunch that they all pitched in and gave him change for the vending machine. I was mortified!

These days, I serve my family what they teasingly call "tuna with hand-chopped apple salad sandwiches." —Toni Young, Holland, Michigan