Right Dish, Wrong Spice

"A couple months after we were married, I decided to surprise my husband with a meal made from scratch," recalls Melody McElroy from Granite City, Illinois.

"We were pretty tired of TV dinners. Spaghetti couldn't be too hard, I thought. So I got the noodles boiling and browned the ground beef. I added onions, tomatoes and tomato sauce.

"Then I remembered the seasonings. I looked in the cabinet and found a spice jar. I was so happy, I hummed a tune as I generously sprinkled on the spice.

The table was set so nice, and everything looked great. We took our first bite. My husband and I looked at each other in surprise at the awful flavor.

"My husband asked what I'd added to the spaghetti.

" 'Spice,' I replied.

" 'Which ones?' he asked.

" 'Well, we only have one,' I said.

" 'Which one?' he queried again.

" 'Nutmeg,' I confessed.

"I only ate one bite of that homemade meal. My poor husband, who was hungry after working all day, did finish his plate. But we threw the rest away.

"To this day, I can't eat anything with nutmeg in it. And my husband isn't too fond of it either. Thank goodness, after 30 years of marriage, I'm a better cook!"