Quit While You're Ahead!

"When I was dating a guy named Walt, all he could talk about was his grandmother's chicken and noodles," recalls Susan Stockstill of Englewood, Colorado. "I grew up on a similar dish that we called chicken and slickers, which had wonderful thick homemade noodles.

"I decided to make chicken and slickers for him. I prepared the noodles, cooked and boned the chicken, made a nice rich broth, then added the noodles and chicken. It turned out great.

"All that was left was to salt and pepper to taste. Then I remembered my mother had always added a few drops of yellow food coloring to the chicken broth for a more appealing look.

"I couldn't find any yellow food coloring, but I did see orange in the cupboard and thought just a tiny bit might do the trick. I poured some in and was surprised to see that it looked clear. I tasted the mixture and was mortified to find it had a definite orange flavor. I had mistakenly added orange extract, not food coloring!

"My dish still looked pale, however, so I decided to add a drop of red food coloring. The result? An unappetizing pink chicken and slickers with a hint of orange flavor!

"Walt and I dated for a few years after that, so it's obvious this meal didn't scare him away. But we both sure had a good laugh over it.

"Nowadays, husband Charlie and our family love this comforting dish…but you could say I'm chicken about adding even a hint of a tint to it!"